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MPs bleeding after Police brutalizes them, Dep. Speaker Tayebwa criticizes force


MPs bleeding after Police brutalizes them, Dep. Speaker Tayebwa criticizes force

11 Women MPs were beaten up by police officers right at the gates of Parliament

Some Women Members of Parliament are bleeding after they were brutalized by police officers at the gate of Parliament Thursday morning, Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa has said.

The 11 District Women MPs from different parts of the country were protesting the way police has brutalised some of them while celebrating women’s day.

The MPs had just met with Speaker Anita Among to petition her office to demand that she forces government to account for the way police has brutalised and desecrated them recently.

Tayebwa has made scathingscathing criticism of the Uganda Police Force, in the way its officers and men mishandled the MPs today morning.

Tayebwa said: “I strongly condemn the manner in which police this morning arrested the 11 Women Members of Parliament who were peaceful and unarmed. Some are bleeding and for some, the clothes were torn. It was as if they were arresting terrorists.

Their arrest was shamelessly done at the gates of Parliament. So I don’t know if really we are safe, if people can be deployed at the gates of Parliament just to beat harmless citizens. My question is “Who are they working for?” and Who’s behind these people?

I don’t think these are people who are working to protect government or to promote a good image of the government. They must be working for an invisible hand that is aimed at bringing down the government because I don’t see any single justification.

The attack on the MPs comes days after the police also beat up Intern doctors who were protecting the move by the government not to employ them.

The MPs have since been unconditionallyunconditionally released, after Speaker Among stormed CPS where they were being held.



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