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FDC political drama continues


FDC political drama continues

FDC National Chairman Ambassador Wasswa Birigwa jumping the fence after escaping from captivity allegedly ordered by Mafabi

The political drama at the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) took to another level om Thursday after the party’s national chairman Waswa Birigwa made a prison-break style escape from his own party headquarters.

His escape was captured and shared by several media outlets showing how Birigwa ran for dear life by scalling the fence of the party into safety. He then jumped into a parked small pickup (Nyongeza) while pleading with the driver to drive his away.

The party leadership led by party president Patrick Oboi Amuriat and Secretary General Nandala Mafabi, blocked Birigwa from addressing a press conference which he had called on why he suspended the forthcoming elections for the party.

Oboi Amuriat’s team also blocked journalists from accessing the party headquarters. One intern journalist from Vision group reportedly lost a tooth after she was assaulted by goons allegedly hired by Mafabi.

The dramatic day ended with a face-off between Mafabi and Nganda on NBS front line.

The highlight of the show wasn’t a fistfight as many had feared, but rather some embarrassing denial by Mafabi to an allegation by Nganda.

Nganda accused Mafabi of having attempted to fight Besigye back in 2022 by rolling his sleeves when the later queried the source of the said bribe.

Mafabi told listeners that Nganda is a liar because he has never owned and dressed in long-sleeved shirts.

The moderator showed listeners and the panellists a file photo of Mafabi in long sleeves, much to the embarrassment of the embattled Mafabi.

Meanwhile, some FDC MPs have vowed to frustrate the elections to renew the party’s leaders from village to the village level.



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