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A day in the life of an ordinary market trader

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A day in the life of an ordinary market trader

Hasifah Nakityo is a single mother of three. Almost every morning she wakes up with one destination in her mind, life would probably have been different, ” Nakityo says.

To join Kalerwe, Nakityo had to leave another marker, Kizito, after realizing that she could not make ends meet. She came to Kalerwe got her self a stall which has since graduated into two stalls now.

She has been in Kalerwe for six years now and is a very happy woman with her two stalls.

“People may despise us because we work in a market but we are proud to be here. We earn money to look after our families and even invest in other businesses,” Nakityo says.

Although she is happy with what she earns from this market, Nakityo says there are some challenges.

“We are charged a monthly fee of UShs 30,000 which I think it too much. There is also the problem fluctuation in commodity prices. You stock something and in a few days prices go down so you are in a loss,” Nakityo adds.

Sazili Sempira, the Chairman of the market, says that the market benefits a lot of families.

“I hope that government will come in to uplift the standards of this market,” Sempiira adds.



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