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Why divorce is on the rise among Christian marriages

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Why divorce is on the rise among Christian marriages

In recent years, including  preachers. The common reason couples give for breaking their vows which include living together until death, is always “irreconcilable differences,”Writes Dora Nakasita

But what really happens for God’s people to move out of marriages they entered so smilingly and with blessings from preachers and well-wishers.

Marrying while people re not ready

A cousin of mine married his wife when he was just 21, when we asked him why he was rushing into this marriage he said the girl was already pregnant and therefore there was not much that he could do. We let the couple be and they got married, but just six month down the rod, they had already broken up and the boy was begging us to help him get rid of the girl.

Another bizarre incident was of one of my friends who rushed into marriage when she was just 18 years. Her husband who was six years older than us started calling her old when the gave birth to the first child. When ever we would talk to him about the girl he would sneer and say but that is n old woman I need someone younger. May be what he actually meant someone who looked better and smarter because his wife had become shabby.

Ronney Mbazira of Big God International Church in Bunga says it is marital pressure that separates couples.
“Many people enter marriage when they are so young and before they can understand how it really works. By the time they realize that they are in the wrong relationship it’s always already too late. People should marry after the age of 30. For Christians marriage is not a union of convenience. Partners should be together until death,” Mbaziira says.

Marrying for money

Either way whether it’s the man or the woman marrying for money will eventually make a marriage fail. For the girl, she will realize sooner than later that she is in the wrong relationship and for the wrong reasons and the end result will definitely be a break up.

On the other hand, if the man marries’s a girl hoping to gain from her family or from her, he will realize as soon as he makes the first step that he is not respected by his in-laws including the wife. And because of the ego that men always associate with manhood, he will become dis-oriented and start venting his anger and frustrations on the girl, and because the girl will be better off financially, she will not want to bend low and because of this the marriage will eventually break.

Pastor Solomon Male of Arising for Christ says Christian’s failure to have a common, vision, mission and commitment to God, as well as greed and materialism, can lead to marriage failure.

He also says that sometimes religious leaders interfere in people’s relationships and marriages making them to collapse later.

“Many married women or men think that to have sex with their partners is doing them a favour. Because of lack of satisfaction t home, this leads many  Christians into fornication and eventually separation,” he says.

Pastor Male says that parental guidance and counseling is necessary before people enter into any form of marriage.



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