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Inspiration: ‘Gift of the givers’

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Inspiration: ‘Gift of the givers’

Pastor Kayanja

Pastor Kayanja

As the wise say, to go ahead in life.

If to be successful was all about sweating, people in this country would have been among the most affluent in the world. Go down town Kampala, and you will stop doubting the truth in what I have written.  People work!

They reach their places of work very early in the morning. Some even work into night hours but still the poverty torturing them is heavier than the mahogany logs from the Amazon forests.

You are in the temple of wisdom! There is something you must understand before you continue concentrating on looking for fame or money or greatness or whatever you call success. To obtain something, that will last for generations, you must do what the rest are afraid to do.

Most people hate to give. They can accept to receive aid, from even illegal sources, or wrong people, but if they are informed that it is their turn, to give, they look aside and hide their faces.

Haven’t you ever sat down to ask yourself why an atheist, from main land China or Cuba grows richer yet the one praising and worshipping the almighty from Pastor Kayanja’s church spends much of his life in deep poverty?

You are so selfish that is why you cannot even one day decide to go somewhere to share the knowledge that you get from this paper almost every week!

Your inability to give will keep you back ward for years until you supervise your brain to command it to guide you to a box of secrets which I had, in the beginning, but then opened and, now, I am revealing all the secrets to all that are willing to change.

It is that person who scatters that will one day climb to the mountain top perhaps seeing even the highest peak. A miser is always in want, complaining, and grumbling.

Start giving and usher yourself into the category of purely and genuinely successful people. I didn’t know where my talks would get me until I started travelling across the country, reaching forgotten villages and talking to the poor and ignorant people down there.

I got to know so many things that I wouldn’t have known if I remained seated in one of the air conditioned offices in Kampala. Giving away the little knowledge I had was the only gate way, I used, to get to what the uninformed and informed world call outstanding wisdom.

The United States gives away a lot of money mostly to countries that think they will be in poverty forever. It will take years before the U.S.A is overtaken by any country on earth. Why is china now coming up? The Chinese softened their heads and hearts and accepted that really there is a lot of wealth in giving.

Before you are given, you must first give. Bill Gates had started thinking of slashing the money that he was giving to the needy. He lost the number one spot, on the list of the richest people, to Carlos Slim.

When he remembered the exact reason why he got more money than he needed, Bill Gates came back to the top, beating Carlos Slim, who had then started asking himself, “What’s in it for me when I give away my money?”

But why do you think politicians who give money, to the electorate, are voted into office? People will always love the person who gives to them. Even if such a person dies, they will weep and wail almost forever, and mourn, with one, heart for years. Joyful givers have enough space on earth. Their blessings last forever and are shared by the children and the children’s children.

To those who didn’t know, Godfrey Kirumira made his name and laid the greatest foundations for the wealth he today has during those days when he was still among the financiers of Express F.C, ‘Mukwano Gw’abangi’.

In the music industry, Eddy Pro concentrated on working without first asking for money from those that he lifted to fame. It became the reason why he is now among the most influential music promoters and strategists in the country yet he is still a young boy of less than 24years. The poor do not give.

The rich give away what they have. It is the reason why they are rich and successful! To hope for good things of life, including those the world calls luxurious, concentrate on giving and you shall see the results.

The only two tablets I can prescribe that can overcome your worry and misery are working and giving. With those you will never need sleeping pills to sleep or even complain of rampant headaches.

Open your door to happiness by starting where you are right now to give whatever you have. If it is money, give it away. Give and never stop giving.

Do not complain and neither must you ask, “What’s in it for me?” when giving. In such acts are rewards which can last forever. Rewards with the patience to wait for even the children’s children.

Sekka Bagenda is a writer. An inspirational public speaker and a sports scientist. Have your say via 0756717967 or Email:



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