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Sex offered on credit in Kireka

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Sex offered on credit in Kireka

Waiting for customers

Waiting for customers

Kireka is a populous small town along Jinja Road in Wakiso District. Most of the people here are employed in the informal sector, working in kiosks and selling things like airtime, second hand clothes and shoes while others operate small food joints.

There are salons in every corner and restaurants which operate 24hours a day. Taxis and boda-bodas are there to take you anywhere any time. But you need to experience Kireka’s night life to really get the full feel of things here.

Stand at Shell Petro station at midnight and look towards Namugongo. See the red, yellow and blue lights flashing just around Blue Bar, Y2K club and Club Extreme. These clubs are only separated by Kireka Namugongo Road. This is the epicenter of Kireka’s Nightwalkers.

The early birds come out at 10pm from their dwellings around Y2K, and in the dark places of Kamuli Road via a short cut next to Mwebale supermarket.

Bodaboda riders are by that time already there to do the night errands.

Young women, dressed in tight mini-skirts and anything that shows their outer beauty, increase in number as the night grows. You see them crisscrossing – in and out of each club.

By midnight, there is a good number of them standing beside revelers’ cars parked along Namugongo Road. That is when you come to realise that most of the girls you were seeing are ladies of the night.

Their customers come from different places. Some come from clubs a distance away from the epicenter such as  Victoria Club which is always a full house. Others come from  Whispers and PoolNest clubs which are famous for showing football matches, especially the English Premier League. Many come from as far as Bweyogerere, Kamuli, Namugongo, and Banda to pick their choices.

There is first a negotiation, then agreement. In typical fashion the skimpily dressed girl sits first on the boda-boda, then the guy gets his legs wrapped around her bare thighs, and off they ride into the night.

For those with cars the process is pretty fast. As soon as the guy parks the first girls to jump in takes the ride. Before you can see what number plate the car bears or who the occupant of the car is they have already sped off.

By 3:00am there are fewer boda-bodas leaving the epicenter and less vehicles coming in. There are no girls by the roadside waiting for customers any more.

But there is a rhythm along Namugongo only subdued by the loud music from the clubs. In a moment a couple staggers out of the club.

The man hold’s the girl by the waist as she has her hand by his shoulder. Into a dark corridor near Y2K they enter. Shortly after another couple follows, some entering the dark corners of Kireka market. There they have their feel of  sex.

The nearby lodges too are busy, so are some of the cars parked near the clubs.

Joseph Mukwaya (not real name), a waiter in one of the bars here, revealed to me that sex here can be as cheap as 1,000 and that when you become a regular customer you can even get sex on credit.

As dawn approaches tired legs continue to leave the bars for home. But some are too drunk to lift their feet. In the chairs they will sleep. Kireka’s Nightwalkers!



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