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Why police won’t respond to emergency calls


Why police won’t respond to emergency calls

Police arriving at a scene

Police arriving at a scene

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We all need emergency security call numbers like those of police. They play a pretty vital role if dialed because they let the police know that we are in trouble and that’s all. The truth of the matter is that a metal bar kept in your house can save you from the burglars faster than dialing security officers. In our country when two calls are made at the same time, the pizza gets to your door before the police appear.

If you called at the police station screaming that aliens are coming out of the walls of your house, don’t expect the officers to come anywhere near your house; they will  instead move away as far as possible from your house .  The only alarm that can bring police very fast at the scene is when you call and tell them that you have shot dead a thief who was trying to climb your fence. About three police vehicles, five officers and an ambulance will be at the scene in seconds.

Sometimes we may not entirely blame police for not responding urgently to our emergency calls. The callers at times are funny and disturbing. A man phoned police to complain that a takeaway company had put mushrooms on his pizza, even though he hated them. He wanted the police to demand that the pizza restaurant remove the offending vegetable and give the owners a caution.

On Christmas Eve a man called the police emergency number to ask what the temperature was. He also wanted to know the weather forecast over Christmas. The phone operator at the police station told him to watch television or listen to the radio. Another man accidentally, climbed into his little boy’s toy car and became stuck. His wife had to call the fire brigade to get him cut out of it.

An elderly woman in the US dialed 911 about a stain on her carpet. She asked for the fire brigade to come round with their “specialist” equipment and clear the stain. As if this is not enough another caller telephoned after finding a dead pigeon in her garden. She asked if paramedics could resuscitate the bird. Not forgetting that there are those other people who call emergency numbers and they don’t talk but only hung up.

There is no doubt that police also get overwhelmed by this kind of nonsense. May be that’s why they end up taking their time and sometimes ignoring calls. At midnight a man calls at the pharmacy reporting that his two year old son had swallowed a condom.  While the pharmacy staff was busy organizing for an ambulance to go and pick the boy, the man calls back and says, “It is okay, I have got another condom. Good night”



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