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Kalangala Action Plan Here to Stay


Kalangala Action Plan Here to Stay

Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago (L) and Dr Kizza Besigye announcing the new plans in Kampala

Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago also training militias

From the Outside Looking in

Major Ronald Kakooza Mutale, has returned to the political arena with characteristic assurance.

The rotund NRM cadre came back to the limelight in a videod appearance, taking his troop militia through the paces that will undoubtedly be used to crush the opposition to electoral silence.

At the other end is DP’s Erias Lukwago, who is ostensibly training a parallel group “to protect our votes”. These opposing groups are a recipe for a bad confrontation that is likely to define oncoming political landscape.

It still brings the opposition within the sights of the Electoral Commission (EC) that is supposed to supervise the legitimacy of the electoral process.

The opposition has tried by all means to have an independent EC named, possibly with a retired judge at the helm, but without success, even with an attempt to take the matter to Parliament. Parliamentarians have been financially ably compromised to abandon the matter.

Yet the notion would have carried much sense in that, a Justice, would have been more capable of handling the issues where the democratic processes are being traduced by the politicians.

Time and again, it has been said that Uganda comes, complete with good intentions, institutions and laws, but these are not enforced.

This is the case of the EC. It is in tandem with the talk of democracy that is fronted and shouted at the tree tops by the politicians in the ruling NRM without any meaning and substance attached to it.

Any talk of taking the matter of the militia to the courts is a mere double standard to stymie Lukwago. One can be sure that the super militia, the Police of Maj. Gen. Kalekeezi Kaihura, will be brought along to break the skulls of the members of Lukwago’s militia.

And nobody will be the wiser for it. After all – presumably – the Police have “the constitutional mandate” to attend to such issues of the law, or where there is presumed avoidance of carrying out the letter of the law.

Mutale and KAP will in all likelihood be assisted to avoid such attendance to the law, for the reason that these are all NRM cadres. And none of the cadres will bite the hand that feeds them, even if you talked of patriotism to Uganda.

There is always a cinematic show intended to fool those who are not initiated into the deception with which the NRM carries out its affairs.

Sometime back, there was a big deal about Mutale turning down a ministerial appointment in preference to running an office out of Bombo Road with all the paraphernalia of force that it went along with.

When there was a cry as to the extra-judicial activities of the office, it subsequently went underground.

Then it surfaced with the claim of training? youth, somewhere in the Luwero Triangle, for whatever! The result of that training was evident in the last general election where KAP let loose its “dogs of war” against the people who are meant to be the masters of this country; and to whom all politicians go to beg their votes.

Unknown to them is that there is what is referred to as an executive priviledge in which the Executive Arm of the government can use any subterfuge to disguise the ill intentions of those in power to achieve their nefarious aims.

So far the other two arms of government; the Judiciary and the Legislature, have been incapable of restraining the excesses of the Executive. That is what is happening here.

Anybody who is going to be fooled into believing that KAP and Mutale will be prevented from carrying out what they have already planned to do to bolster the NRM chances of retaining power at all costs, is actually that – a fool! But where does that put Lukwago and the opposition? Admittedly, in dire straits.

What this means is that we are going to a confrontation of incalculable proportions where people like Lukwago, and the like, are getting fed up with the undemocratic behavior of the politicians from the ruling party, to the extent that they are willing to confront them at their own game – unfortunately while damning the consequences!



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