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Politicians owe this country peace, Uganda doesn’t belong to politicians


Politicians owe this country peace, Uganda doesn’t belong to politicians

Uganda belongs to all the people of Uganda. Ugandans are the owners of this pearl of Africa. And the politicians who are fighting for it today know they have borrowed it from their children and the leaders are just running it in trust.

Unfortunately, they do so as if they are running their own kiosks. Politicians are so greedy they don’t care tearing it up as long as they get their peace of the pie.

Politicians are looting it, business people are eating it up, managers are stealing whatever they can lay their hands on and the officers, clerks and messengers are taking the left-overs. And all the people in this chain are currently eating Uganda up in competition.

One of the greatest economists this country has seen in the recent past, reminds Ugandans every week how, as long as bosses continue stealing, everybody else who witness the process of this stealing will always also steal.

After all, how can the boss refuse to sign for the small people who know about the bosses stealing methods?

Uganda today is engaged in high stakes politics. It is a period of time when a lot of money changes hands. In the process of doing so, the economy of Uganda is affected because of mis-prioritisation. While this is going on, some people are eating while others are starving.

Those who are left out of the eating are angry, and ultimately a hungry person is an angry person.

The only way we can save our country from the threat of disunity that usually emerge during political upheavals is for all of us to keep united in the hope that there is life after politics. What we see and read in the media everyday does not augur well for our country.


Burundi people protesting against Politicians

Burundi people protesting against Politicians

of the politicians therefore do us a favour and avoid politics that divide us because it is in this disunity that lies the beginning of violence and destruction. Fortunately we have witnessed destruction in countries that don’t value politics of peace and unity. Forewarned is forearmed.



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