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May we all pray for Carol Atuhirwe’s quick recovery


May we all pray for Carol Atuhirwe’s quick recovery

The amiable Carol Atuhirwe

The amiable Carol Atuhirwe

Many Ugandans have either read about or seen on national television, a young girl called Carol Atuhirwe.

Carol is this beautiful young girl suffering from cancer. The girl now recognised for her big smile, is a student at Uganda Christian University who, when her close friends and relatives realised she was not well and was not getting well quick, they took it upon themselves to do everything within their ability to get her the urgent treatment she needed.

Her friends sounded an alarm and the public responded. A fundraising media campaign was launched, Ugandans throughout the whole country contributed money depending on their capacities, and thank God, the money required for her medical treatment has been raised and even exceeded.

What made us love this young lady the more, she requested for a thanksgiving service at which she thanked all Ugandans for their kindness and goodness, and instructed that all the money in excess of what she required for her own treatment, be donated to the national Cancer Institute so that in can benefit another person in need.

As Carol prepares to travel to the United States Of America for her specialized treatment, may all Ugandans be reminded of a beautiful song ‘Anything is Possible’ by Ethan Bortnick – a song he wrote in honour of a younger brother who was born with half a heart but recovered after life-saving operations that saved the little boy.

And as we pray that Carol gets full recovery, we wish to take this opportunity to tell Ugandans that they should never hesitate to help themselves and each other whenever there is a need to do so. Nothing and nobody should ever, stop you from offering help especially if that help is given for the sake of saving a LIFE.

We all know there are many people who are not well and need all the help from wherever it may come from. We are not always able to help. If however there are people who have the good heart that enables them to sacrifice their all to help that person or those persons they deserve all our support and appreciation.

May we always be reminded that we are each other’s keeper which is generally understood to mean ‘being responsible for the wellbeing of a brother or other sibling or, by extension, for other human beings in general’.

Although we recognise that there are people who do not have this responsibility either by omission or commission, the phrase is often used with the suggestion that ‘people do have a responsibility to care for and watch over their fellow human beings’.

This spirit is really wonderful. It’s an individual thing. Where we can, we should always come to each other’s help as government plans for everybody. May God bless abundantly, all those who help others.



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