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I am Proud of My Peeps!

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I am Proud of My Peeps!

Police shooting in Dallas

Police shooting in Dallas

No words can express the deep sadness I feel in knowing that someone has been gunned down. But as I watched the protests and rallies around the country over the weekend, I was extremely happy to see my peeps still active in the fight for liberation and freedom.

I was proud of the young folks who continue to prove some old-head detractors and doubters wrong. These are the very people who commented negatively about the Black Lives Matter movement and other upstart and established organizations who protest to defend OUR rights in America. These courageous individuals and groups are standing tall and fearless while some ignorant people, who’ve probably never stood up for anything in their entire lives, are being side line commentators against justice and equality.

Over this past weekend, like millions, I sat watching the news media highlight different cities where marches were going strong. Suddenly something changed in the air: Each network flashed news alerts across their screens indicating that cops in Dallas, Texas were under siege. I sat up and stared intently as the assault continued….. until finally it ended with five law enforcers dead and many more injured.

Lets fast forward, because we all know the rest. As I listened to commentary after commentary, it dawned on me that something really is changing in this country, and I only hope that it’s for the best. The one thing I wished for was that this horrible situation in Dallas didn’t stop the current wave of peaceful protests happening from state to state, even in my home town of Chicago. I really thought the hatred for our youth, who are bravely defending our rights and the rights of our children’s children, would be mercifully vilified to justify the hidden hands of power’s decades of cowardly misdeeds after the Texas massacre.

I was enthusiastic as I woke up the morning after the Dallas ambush to see continued marches and rallies taken place all across this country. I was overjoyed. And to hear young activists and march organizers being interviewed, and them each looking and sounding powerfully black and in charge, spitting knowledge and defending their positions–it was wonderful.

I was so damn proud of my peeps! They showed America that they’re ready to lead and they’re prepared to fight for their existence and humanity. It was poetry in motion hearing my peers and millennials not bucking down to the hidden hands of power. Yes, they have a lot to learn, but I’m sure, like so many Civil Rights movements and or organizations before them, they’ll grow and be led by strong and effective leadership.

It was the racist oppressors of a bigoted system that created this day in history. And each opposition representative on cable stations who were trying to denounce the protesters, looked like foolish, racist idiots, who screamed their way into nothingness. They showed their true colors while my peeps smiled in confidence as they shined a much needed light on systematic racism and hatred.

What was also so wonderful to see was that the Black Lives Matters movement was a rainbow of young and old people alike holding hands in solidarity and singing that famous Dr. King hook: “We Shall Overcome.” It was a proud moment in America.

There are always defining moments that ignite change and progress. Hopefully this unfortunate experience over the last few days in which not only did two black men get executed by law enforcement, but the lost of five officers at the hands of a black man, will bring to reality that black folks are not gonna take being murdered and stepped on…. any longer.

This was a proud yet sad weekend in this country. But I’m thankful to my peeps and others who marched on the front line showing us the way to the mountain top. May God heal and protect us ALL! Until the next edition….. Peace and One Love.

Dr. Katungulu is the World African Diaspora Union (WADU) Youth Ambassador for Africa. WADU is a Pan African organization consistent with and dedicated to the historic work of Pan Africanism. Its focus is on unifying and empowering the African Diaspora politically, culturally and economically, as an integral part of Africa.



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