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KCCA should work on faulty city lifts


KCCA should work on faulty city lifts



I was at Uganda House last week when I entered one of the building’s elevators. I don’t think I will ever enter an elevator again to what I experienced. It so happened that as we entered the elevators, the last person was almost trapped as the elevator doors closed abruptly.

As if  that was not shocking enough, on our way up the elevator jammed and stopped midway for about 20 seconds before continuing. I had thought that it was an electric problem but I was informed by the people I was with that it’s the way Uganda house elevators function.

I would be lying to you if I say I was just shocked when I heard this kind of news. Truth is this piece of news traumatized me. If I had known in the first place that that’s how Uganda House elevators operate, I would have taken the stairs even though I was heading to the seventh floor.

What I can say about those elevators is that they are suicidal. Using them could mean one thing, sudden death. However, what’s disappointing is that no one seems to be concerned about this anomaly. It’s as if they don’t know the dangers that could come out if one of these elevators was to collapse. Not only would the whole building disintegrate but it could also mean the loss of lives.

Unfortunately, I have been informed that other buildings in the city center have similar problems. A story was told to me by a colleague that one time she dared take the lifts at National Insurance Corporation building (NIC) and that mid way, the lift just stopped abruptly, and that as she and her lift-mate were pondering their next move, when the lift started moving at a terrific speed, and then suddenly stopped and started opening slowly.

First they thought the lift had reached the level ground only to realise that the lift had stopped midway so they had to scamper to jump out very first. However because they had to climb to reach the level ground, the man’s court got stuck in between the doors and the wearer had to struggle and let go of the court lest he gets injured.

Other lifts that are deadly are those on Postel building  which houses the OPM offices, that before you dare take these lifts its best to first make your will .

So I believe it is high time KCCA investigated these lifts  and either ask the owners of these deadly elevators to rectify them, ask the owners to close the elevators all together or work on the problem If it’s not worked upon, this is poses a risk to the users of these buildings as it is impossible for one to climb stairs of a 12 storey building, they will most likely risk using a faulty elevator.





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