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Invincible Socialist Power


Invincible Socialist Power

Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPR of Korea and Supreme Commander of the Korean People’ Army

On September 9, 1948, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was founded. Korean people celebrate 68th anniversary of founding of DPR of Korea this year.  Since its founding, the DPRK has been strengthened into an invincible socialist power.

Kim Il Sung (1912-1994), founder of the Republic and its eternal President, built the country into a prospering socialist state.

Succeeding his cause, Kim Jong Il (1942-2011), eternal Chairman of the National Defence Commission, developed it into an invincible socialist power.

Some events that drew world attention in the late 20th century tell the invincibility of the DPRK. When the former Soviet Union and other socialist countries collapsed one after another, socialist Korea still stood unmoved.

The anti-socialist offensive by imperialists, which had been committed against the whole socialist camp, was now focused on one country, the DPRK. Despite these adversities, the DPRK defended the banner of socialism, and furthermore opened a new era of building a thriving socialist country.

The dignity of the DPRK as an invincible socialist power is now being demonstrated higher under the leadership of Kim Jong Un. While consolidating the status of the country as a politico-military power, he is leading the effort to build the country into an economic giant based on cutting-edge science and technology.

Kim Jong Un is further solidifying the national defence capabilities of the country.

Through his inspection of Seoul Ryu Kyong Su Guards 105th Tank Division first after the death of Chairman Kim Jong Il, he solemnly declared his will to invariably hold high the banner of Songun. Since then he has been on the road of Songun-based leadership to defend the sovereignty and dignity of his country.

Amid the extreme war games staged by the US and its followers to stifle the DPRK, he convened military-related conferences one after another, including a conference of information officials of the KPA and the 4th conference of company commanders and political instructors, providing important occasions for building up the armed forces.

And he inspected forefront units and posts in Panmunjom, situated on the Military Demarcation Line that bisects Korea into the north and south, Mt. Osong, and Cho, Mu and Jangjae islands reviewing their combat readiness, equipping soldiers with the idea of anti-imperialist independence and the thoroughgoing spirit of defending socialism and preparing each of them to be a-match-for-a-hundred.

Under his leadership the army and people of the DPRK are achieving fresh successes in the anti-US confrontation.

In December 2012, when the DPRK was going to launch satellite Kwangmyongsong 3-2, the US and its followers exacerbated the situation, claiming that the satellite was a “ballistic missile.” The leader of the DPRK, not vacillating even in the least, gave an order to launch it, and guided the process of the launch on the spot.

As the UN Security Council railroaded through a “sanctions resolution” against the launch of a peaceful satellite, a right due to a sovereign state, and the US, availing itself of the opportunity, increased nuclear threat and nuclear war rackets, he strengthened the country’s nuclear deterrent for self-defence and ensured that the Korean People’s Army were fully ready for combat. This shattered the US attempt to stifle the DPRK.

Even at this moment, the US and its followers are still kicking a fuss about the “nuclear problem” and “missile problem” of the DPRK so as to isolate and stifle it by all means and at any cost, but what the world see is the increasing DPRK’s nuclear deterrence and might of missile in volume and quality.

Kim Jong Un is guiding the service personnel and people of his country to perform world-astonishing miracles in their effort to build theirs into a thriving socialist country.

Under his Songun-based leadership the Korean People’s Army is creditably performing its mission and duty not only as a defender of the socialist country but as a pillar in the building of a thriving socialist country.

It has built many apartment houses on Changjon Street in Pyongyang and on Unha Scientists and other modern streets, and other monumental edifices, like the Masikryong Ski Resort, Mirim Riding Club, Munsu Water Park, Okryu Children’s Hospital and Ryugyong Dental Hospital in a short time and on the highest standards, thus ushering in a heyday of construction in the country.

Attentive in the development of science and technology in building an economic giant, Kim Jong Un, whenever he inspects various fields of the economy, stresses the importance of putting production on a normal track on the basis of up-to-date science and technology.

He sees to it that every sector and every unit boosts production based on science and technology.

Under his leadership, remarkable achievements are being made in building a civilized socialist country. The Moranbong Band which he organized in person, is all the rage among people.

Universal 12-year compulsory education has started to be enforced. Amid the flames of conducting sports raging all over the country, sportsmen have won many gold medals in the international arena, demonstrating that their country is marching dynamically towards the status of a sports power.

The DPRK will shine its brilliance as an invincible socialist power forever.



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