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Someone should tell Nyombi about Catholic confessions


Someone should tell Nyombi about Catholic confessions

Former ICT minister Nyombi Thembo

If before I didn’t understand the significance of a Catholic believer going to a priest to privately confess his/her sins in the comfort of the Church, I do now. There are sins we as human beings cannot go around confessing especially in the public domain especially due to the condemnation we may receive.

This week, I was shocked when I read about former minister Nyombi Thembo’s public confession at his own wedding of how he cheated on his first wife, the late Prisca Mashengyero Thembo, who passed away in July 2012 in a car accident at Bwebajja along Entebbe road.

For 17 years, he disclosed that he had been intimate with his new wife, Angella Naggayi behind his late wife’s back.

Now, that was a startling revelation if I ever heard one. I bet the Late Prisca wherever she was, 6 feet under the ground was stunned by that news.

I wonder what prompted Nyombi Thembo to reveal such a dark secret at such a public event. Could it have been the excitement that comes with a wedding or can we blame it to the absence of his late wife? Which ever reason, what he did was uncouth thing a man of intelligence can ever do.

I know many men cheat on their wives but telling the whole world about it and on your wedding day with the same woman you cheated with is insensitive to say the least.

Some confessions were not meant to be revealed in public. If  he thought confessing his past sins would free him, instead, his revelation just evoked anger.

I am one of those people who take infidelity as one of the worst betrayals to a partner. And if the late Prisca’s family feels the same way, I can just imagine the pain they are going through right now; to learn that for 17 years, their loving daughter was in a sham marriage.

I guess that’s what comes out of marrying a man with little intelect. The only thing they can do is to create disputes among family members and cause unhappiness.

I now have a clue as to why step moms never get along with their husbands’ children? Nyombi Thembo’s revelation is one of the causes of such failed relationships.

Since Nyombi Thembo is not one to be afraid to air out dirty linings in public, very soon we shall be hearing about his family disputes and clashes. But if his family is to avoid such scandals, I suggest they convince him to go to the Catholic Church. May be then he will learn to privately confess his sins.






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