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Need for ministers’ performance reports


Need for ministers’ performance reports

President Museveni should check his ministers

President Museveni should check his ministers

President Yoweri Museveni recently termed his new term of office as ‘Kisanja Hakuna Mchezo’.  Loosely translated, the three words mean the next five years of Museveni rule will not entertain fooling around by leaders and workers of government in performance of their duties. The immediate reaction from the public was, ‘We have heard this before’.

Before and after every new term of office following an election, government always launches catchy-worded ‘operations’ like Bonna Bagagawale, Prosperity for All, Operation Wealth Creation, and now we have Kisanja Hakuna Mchezo among others.

Every time the above-mentioned operations are launched by our government of 30 years, our hopes, especially for the young Ugandans who have been struggling to get jobs, get raised in anticipation of a better life. As years roll on, unemployment increases, poverty goes on rampage, frustration sets in.

It’s usually around such time that the government launches some operation as if to restore hope and as if to make our people  feel less betrayed by the government they continue to keep in power after every five years. Unfortunately the more the times change the more the situations remain the same. That is why many Ugandans don’t seem to take Kisanja Hakuna Mchezo seriously.

First of all it comes with no specific set targets and time limits within which to deliver on those government targets. But also, the affairs of state are still manned by almost the same failed and tired faces.

Okay, they may come from constituencies that support the ruling party. But do they have to be ministers just because of that! How can we continue using the same recycled guys and somehow expect different results.

Now, if the President is serious about turning things around, and he is aware things are not okay, he must show his intention and determination, by deploying a winning team.The team we have today is not a winning team and we all know it. Nobody should try to tell us that all is well because most Ugandans have eyes to see.

No catchphrase therefore will turn our economy around. No words will create jobs. Only people with the zeal and the determination to change Uganda for the better will cause the change we all desire. We have no doubt in our mind that the President knows exactly what to do to make Uganda and Ugandans prosper.

What we think the President needs to do is to step back and reflect on the Uganda he wants to leave behind. He can start by demanding from his men and women Performance Reports periodically, to show what they have achieved as their personal and collective contribution towards building a Uganda we can all feel proud to live in.

And if they have nothing to show for their being in office, then no time should be wasted in sweeping them out as they take their last walk of Shame.



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