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The only question asked today


The only question asked today

Wishing is very different from achieving. Opportunity is going to be seen with even naked eyes this year by those who are awake like I am, these small hours. Every writer knows that writing is one of the most inhospitable fields in this world. Know your business please.

You cannot get anything from writing unless you wake up and begin doing what we too stopped sleeping and did almost on a daily basis. You cannot succeed if you are unwilling to wake up and do what your fathers and grandfathers died before achieving.

They feared. You must work and succeed regardless of what is going to happen in this country this very year. You started something. You must accomplish it. I also cry, as you are today doing, but I do it in the wilderness away from the general public.

This world is sympathetic to only those who, with very much confidence, look into its threatening eyes and leap ahead. You are looking for something. Are you ready to rest and do other things because now our city will be busy, taken over by people making noise, to distract the silent minority? Politicians are going at their work place to work. What is your business?

Do only that business this year and wait for the Election Day. You will then put into huge power that person that has deserved it having convinced you and, of course, worked hard.  You can. As the world undermined and underrated us, we knew that one day we would be dependable light to the struggling world. Stop panicking please. The year will be 2021.

It is sowing time now. I am going to read this book here written about dictatorship and why power is sweeter than sugar this very month.

There is no time to waste. I said I wanted to write. Before I achieved it, those who saw me saying began pestering me. They wanted to, with their own eyes, see what I had promised.  I have delivered to them even more than what they yearned seeing. Those university books are lighter than these that the world introduces to us.

The world is a bitter teacher. Its books are bigger and heavier but it is only from them that we learn more and best. Wake up.  People have called me asking me whether Uganda will continue to exist even after elections next year. We shall, as usual, take care of matters concerning politics.

We shall write and advise politicians.  The wise will get there, to handle your trusted heads for decades. The foolish ones will even die. This year is going to be actually very very long for all shallow people in this world, and lazy men. Leave the music industry and join politics if you can but I am telling you.  When Museveni remains, or if anyone comes in, you will have to go back to your senses.

For us we are seeing. We are watching people who would continue to reap the health seeds they sowed if really they were not lured into these deep waters with political waves here. Angry fans will thrash you with bottles. Blunder and fail in politics. You will see. Never go back to them begging for mercy. We are here working. Let’s continue.

Very few people are going to get permanently rich where we are going. You have completely surrendered our country into the hands of politicians. Young boys who were very promising while singing and they would bring total freedom and peace to our country, singing songs, entered the other  field to play the dirty game called politics before consulting keen experts. Now even the greater songs that they produce last for only less than five months.

I know that you cannot fight an experienced politician successfully. I am a politician.  It is our right to talk. We are talking. Even though a big city’s sky scrapers are dismantled, people who survive and stand to live, often dust themselves off and erect more impressive sky scrapers. Now the question is. Are we going to work this year or it is a year for noise making alone?

We shall work. Uganda is here and the people perhaps inciting you today are just a little thing making it up. They will perish like any other created man but Uganda, until the world ends, will be around. I have looked forward to spicing up this greatness and this wisdom this year. The style achieved will be very soon seen by admirers.

They will wonder. Please, don’t over wonder. More hills must be climbed.  It is normal. Whether we elect our leaders in 2021 or refuse to turn up, we, here, shall continue manufacturing dependable products.

Even our children must find the amazing things we created. I am not going to allow these people walk my remaining journey for me. I know where I am going.

You are right to think the way you do but, please, mind your business. Politicians are at work. We are going to work very hard, more than ever before, in 2020. Will you work and succeed like you promised? The rich will grow richer. What is your ambition?



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