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Apology to Dr. Kiiza Besigye


Apology to Dr. Kiiza Besigye

Kizza Besigye, NRM want him in parliament

FDC leader Kizza Besigye.

You might, as a politician, of course, hate me at the beginning but I know time will come and you will love me, having understood me and why I have written.

This month usually bores me. Able writers know that at this time of the year very few politicians stand up to talk. If you want to know that corruption is among the hardest wars to fight in Africa, stand somewhere and observe. You will see how people look for money, to put in their pockets during this period.

This is the only time I can use to apologize to someone because his enemies will have limited time to discover the hidden meaning in my apology. A politician whose business is to succeed should look and see how our things are done. He or she will then succeed.

It is only committed thinkers that can understand why I arrange my sentences the way I do. You enjoy reading these essays but please never end at that.

Pick something from what I write to help you after we have all gone back to our homes to rest and think of how our children can be groomed and fed. Refuse to change the way you see things. My articles will just sweep pressure to where you are.

It is raining but it is hot, in some big offices I know. The heads of ordinary Ugandans are there. You can do anything you want with them. These people can today vote anyone who wisely approaches them.

Instead of digesting our advice fully, some people concentrate on wondering and saying we are the best English writers around today. My intention is not to show my ability as a writer here. I want you to learn.

I have not liked most of the things that Kiiza Besigye has done during his very active years in politics but people with eyes and active brains are seeing that this man has been, really, a man. I would like to today see what those people are seeing.

Besigye is today tired. He has failed but he single-handedly lifted this country and put it somewhere that our children will observe one day and yearn to know more about the people who rose up as others thought and feared.

It is so sad that a man, who never got afraid to fight, to get what he wanted, can fail so miserably like this. We now apologize to Besigye for failing to help him achieve what he wanted.

We watched as Besigye struggled almost alone to bring himself to power. But could these young men of today get the guts and the confidence to talk if Kiiza Besigye did not show us that some people had sat on the neck of our country for years, to suffocate it?

Opposition politicians must thank Besigye. He showed them that anyone could be opposed. These things we are seeing today are happening because Kiiza Besigye said exactly what he thought.

The words Besigye said have woken up writers like me. Teachers are today saying they are almost there because Besigye rose up and quarreled because they were poorly paid. We are today walking, to protest, having completely got tired of corruption. And beginning next year, we are going to see people incarcerated.

Thank you, Besigye. Besigye you have fearlessly opposed Mr. Museveni for almost two decades. You walked to work and we laughed. We are tired of corruption. We shall also walk. Who knew that time would come and voters discover that they today vote people to political positions so that they can also eat?

We apologize for having completely failed to see any ability to lead a country in you. You are a bold man Kiiza Besigye. Since the day you said you can no longer work with Museveni, you have never looked back. You have quarreled for more than a decade. Very few people, who have understood the importance of money, can afford that.

We said what we said and so many times we soiled your name but God the almighty perhaps knows that you loved this country so much that you not only risked your life while still a young boy but also annoyed your parents who put their money in you to give you medical papers.

You ran away with them to the jungle saying you could at that age do only one thing and that is treating the liberators of our country. Kiiza Besigye loves Uganda.

Despite the fact that he was comfortable, working with Mr. Museveni, he decided to defect. He picked the then dumped microphone and talked the truth until people in authority got annoyed.

He was thrashed with whips. He was tear-gassed and pepper-sprayed. Besigye was jailed. You just wonder. This man continued talking.

Kiiza Besigye is among the rare Ugandas that I would like to meet in heaven. He deserves deep respect. We said he couldn’t be president, for almost twenty years. We broke his heart so much. We are sorry Besigye.



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