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I’m telling this story because it happened before my own eyes.


I’m telling this story because it happened before my own eyes.

My cousin brother Asuman Katende was staying in Lugala. He loved to have children so much but they were not coming. Around 4 girls lied to him that they were pregnant. Asuman could spend on them generously. Only these very girls to disappear unceremoniously in thin air.

Asuman was working in Kisenyi as a mechanic and money was coming. Uncle Musa Kubo his father had given Asuman part of his land at Lugala and he (Asuman) had already built himself a small nice house and three rentals, young as he was at 25yrs. He didn’t go far with books. Many of us in the clan envied him.

There is this girl Zahara who was abandoned in a rented house by one Godfrey. Zahara came into Asuman’s life. Godfrey was cohabiting with Zahara comfortably. One time he (Godfrey) secretly processed, “ebintu bye bweru,” as we used to call them and left for UK without informing his partner Zahara.

He just confined the message into his sister who in turn informed Zahara that; “YEYIIYE YE YALI ASUDEYO”. Zahara remained a disparate young woman. She was even thrown out of the house.

This is the time Zahara met my cousin Asuman. She was tall, slender, brown, a long face, with a pointed nose. Her small matching lips with dimples crowned her beauty. Okutwaliza awamu Zahara yali mukyaala mulunji dala.

To completely capture Asuman’s heart Zahara requested for Hijaab. Huuuuu, Dressed in Hijaab Zahara nga alinga Malaika. As his confidant, Asuman paid me a visit. I instantly approved the marriage. Okuwoowa kwali kwa baada magribi (akawungezi). Era nebatandika obufumbo bwabwe.

Zahara was quick to have a baby girl. Asuman loved Zahara to the moon and back. She was in charge of the rentals. And the financial advisor to my cousin Asuman. Nga Asuman ayinza okuwaana Zahara, nakukaka okuwasa.

Her father was already dead, and the mother was renting. Asuman proposed to built a two rooms small house for her.

That “teyandyagade kukyalira maama wabwe nga ali mu muzigo”. This was done in just a few months since the mother had a plot already available. ‘Maama waffe nga ayagala Asuman bitole. Anti bambi nga amaka ga baana be gamweyagaza.’

Three years passed, their ka girl Nabakiibi was always admired by many. Ate nga obulunji katwala bwa nyina waako.

This is when Nkuba kyeyo, Godfrey returned. Huuuuu, the guy was looking Mwaaaa. In those buggie T-shirts with the matching Nike canvas, Godfrey was irresistible.

Straight away Godfrey started searching for his abandoned wife. He went to her mother who furiously chased him with a spear. Sending him away with all the gifts he went with.

I think this action made Godfrey more determined to win Zahara’s heart back. He hired a self drive by then the KIBINNA’s were the latest models on market.

He gathered all the information about Zahara and Asuman’s movements.
In the morning Zahara used to take Nabakiibi their daughter to Lynna nursery school on the slops of Lubaga. Asuman had bought her an old Corsa to serve the purpose.

One day Godfrey woke up very early to find Zahara at Lynna Nursery school. He was so smart. For the first time after 4 years they met. You Godfrey was a tall handsome guy with Kinyarwanda height. He was good looking and smart. You could not compare him to Asumani who would spend the whole day in a work coat. (Overall)
Soon they were embracing, outside Lynna school.

What happened later I don’t know, but Godfrey was seen on several occasions picking Zahara from Lugala whenever Asuman left for work. Zahara who didn’t like maids hired one. To look after Nabakiibi and sometime pick her after school. She was having good time with her Nkuba kyeyo guy.

One time they bought a lot of gifts including a flat screen and took them to maama Zahara. Haaaaaa, omukazi yabanyiigira ne flat screen najaasiza mu maaso gaabwe. Before she chased them away cursing. Yabuuza Zahara nti omusajja eyakuleka munju nga masiikini, nagamba weeyiye omunoonyakoki?.

Zahara didn’t pay heed. He went on with her plans. That Godfrey was planning to go back to UK with her. A girl from Namusansula Bulemeezi to London!!!!. Kyaali kika. She couldn’t afford to waste that chance.

One Saturday as I sat in my office at voice of Africa, Asuman came very cofused. He was very restlessn. He had the news that shocked me too. That Zahara was getting married to the man who abandoned her in a house. I asked him that since when.

He was trembling and I feared he may suffer hysteria.

He went on that: “Wenjogerera bali mu saloon era embaga eri ku Calendar restaurant.” I made up my mind to leave office because he was talking on top of his voice.

I pulled him into my Dudu. I begged him to cool down first. Awo yangamba nti waliwo omukyala abeera e Lugala nga akola mu Saloon mwebali yaze nangamba.

Asuman wanted me to go with him to the saloon. I proposed otherwise. We went to Calender restaurant. It was already passed 12.00 noon. Asuman yangamba nti eka avuddeyo bulunji nga bulijjo era nga tewali sign yona eraga that Zahara was up to something. Yatandika okulaama. Nga nga bwakaaba, nti Baaba wange bwenfa nga munziika nga kumpi ne, taata. Omwana wange omutwaala nga baabaaaa munange. Asuman yanzimbirira nange ebiyenge nebijja.

He wondered what women want really.
At Calender there were two wedding functions. In the upper and lower gardens. I restrained Asuman to remain in the car as I such around which one is “OURS”.

It was in the lower gardens. We decided to wait and prove. At around 3.30pm. The MC started announcing the arrival of the Bagole.

The entourage arrived. Haaaaaa on getting out Zahara was the Bride and Nabakiibi the flower girl……

To be continued next time.
In Sha Allah.



Dr. Ashraf Simwogerere, is an acclaimed playwright, film producer, performing artist and professional dentist. In 2016 he was recognized as one of Uganda's National Heroes. Dr. Semwogerere is one of the most recognised faces of Uganda's Theatre having scripted and produced plays such as `Suubi` and `Mukajanga`.

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