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Would Jesus cast a stone at Desire?

Isa Senkumba

Would Jesus cast a stone at Desire?

Today couples seem hell bent on capturing their lascivious exploits on tapes


Every fresh day that unfolds millions of people around the world use the internet and social media networks to access pornography. The impact of pornography is less felt simply because we look at pictures and videos of people we don’t know. But when it comes to our own people; the people we know and live with, many reality celebrities chose to author their own personal sex tapes meant for public consumption. Sex tapes fetch a premium on the market and can cause the celebrity buzz factor to go way up simply because they are viewed by millions of people.

In 2007 Dustin Diamond filmed a sex tape with two women. The 40 minute video featured Diamond engaged in various sexual acts with two women. The twist in this story is that Diamond authorised the release of the tape in a desperate attempt to resurrect his failing career. However, the tape had an opposite effect and Diamond was publicly humiliated by his failed effort to make a quick buck. He constantly regretted this move.

One of the first commercially available sex tapes was filmed by Rob Lowe in 1988. The young actor was only 22 and the tape ended his early career. Lowe was filmed having sex with two women, one woman was 22 and the other was an underage girl who was only 16 years old.

Pamela Anderson has been one of Holly Wood’s most iconic beauties and is no stranger to homemade sex tapes. She filmed a sex tape on her honey moon with Tommy Lee in 1995. She had also released a sex video with Bret Michaels before she met Tommy. Another celebrity Fred Durst also filmed a 2 minute long clip with his then girlfriend in 2007. Durst, however, claimed that the tape was stolen by a computer repairman who hacked his computer and subsequently leaked to the internet.

When Paris Hilton filmed a steamy night with her then boyfriend Nick Solomon in 2004 the tape became an instant best seller and people everywhere went wild trying to obtain a copy. Although Hilton denied her involvement in the tape for some time, she finally admitted that it was really her. At the time Paris was not very well known and this tape brought her commercial success and made her a house hold name. The film earned the title of most rented film at the 2005 Adult Film Awards, and grossed over 10 million dollars.

We are at liberty to assert that celebrity pornography leaks to the internet and media without their knowledge but we cannot rule out the fact that celebrities are  crazy species with the capacity to author sex tapes and pictures and intentionally circulate them to the public to achieve certain goals. Sometimes it requires that one does dubious acts to keep himself or herself in the public spotlight. A celebrity is one person who can do anything to keep his head above the water.   

Desire Luzinda has not made history. She has only done what others have been doing.  In fact even Jesus would not stone her.  Singer and former professional pole dancer Sheebah Karungi would be nothing if it wasn’t for her nudity. She wants to show her skin at every opportune time. It is not surprising that she shot and posted nude photos of herself on instagram and said that she was proud of her body.

The pictures of former Blu*3 singer Cindy were another sensation in August 2008. It was alleged that Cindy had fallen out with Lillian and Jackie over Mario Brunette. It was believed that one of the two girls leaked Cindy’s nude photos.  The photos sold like a hot cake and by Mid day not a single copy of the tabloid that had published these photos could  be found.

While in Big Brother Africa house in South Africa in 2007, Ugandan representative Maureen Namatovu showed it all. She was never afraid to go nude almost every day. She even had the temerity to enjoy romps with the Malawian representative even when the world was busy watching. Such acts won her fame and she ended up marrying a US man Garret Taylor. Gaetano Kagwa rose to fame in the same way.

Brenda Nambi would not be a celebrity if she had not put off her clothes and recorded herself while getting it. She proudly boasted after her nude pictures that leaked on social media. This is the world in which we live.The digital revolution brings it all at our finger tips and as long as we live in the global village we can’t keep aloof.

The societal costs of pornography are staggering. Although the financial cost to business productivity is great, the human toll especially among the youth and in families is far greater. Pornography hurts adults, children, couples, families and societies. Among the adolescents, pornography hinders the development of a healthy sexuality, and among adults, it distorts sexual attitudes and social realities. In families, pornography use leads to marital dissatisfaction, infidelity, separation and divorce.



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