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Prisoners’ right to have sex is long over due

Isa Senkumba

Prisoners’ right to have sex is long over due

Indeed sex is an important issue


Indeed sex is an important issue bordering the development of Ugandan prisons. The commissioner for prisons, prisoners will not only be childless but also suffer psychological damage. The sexual frustration does mean that a male inmate shall bend down in a shower to pick soap; this time the female inmates shall be sexually abused by the male staff. Female prisoners have been coerced into sex with staff for favours, such as alcohol and cigarettes.

In female prisons there were often rumours about female inmates that are taken out in order to get abortions, after having sex with male members of staff. Of course a woman that has been behind bars for a number of years doesn’t get pregnant by osmosis. Even a six year old knows that such a woman must have had sex with a man. Prisoners live in awed fear that authorities may not grant them conjugal rights since male prison staff take advantage of the sexual starvations that looms female jails.

In 2010 Human Rights Watch estimated that 140,000 US inmates have been raped. Generally they put the victim to sleep with a choke hold – locking the windpipe like this rendering him unable to reply. Within about 10 seconds you’re unconscious. Not all attacks begin like this. Sometimes, they will lure victims with drugs and get them really high.

Remember 90 per cent of prisoners shoot-up drugs. Sometimes they will trick the victim into a debt and then make them repay it with sex. Other times it can start with a beating or stabbing. Researchers believe that all this can be curbed down if inmates are allowed conjugal rights.



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