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Men are victims of Provocative dressing

Isa Senkumba

Men are victims of Provocative dressing

Artist desire Luzinda perfoming

I actually don’t know the definition of provocative clothing but what I know is that whenever I see my neighbour’s daughter, I don’t remain the same.  Very few men can speak the truth; I happen to be one of them.

The kind of dressing the young lady prefers provokes men. It actually sends a million devils into the minds of men prompting them to do something weird; something that all of them are likely to regret.  Thanks to the one million angels that also come to out minds to make us strong.

A woman in a dress showing her thighs

I hold a perception that the activist is not the one who says the river is dirty; he is actually the one who cleans up the river.  We don’t have to say that the world is dirty simply because we forgot to clean our glasses.  Let’s appreciate the mess we have at hand and find ways of dealing with it instead of looking for someone to blame.  If she dresses to provoke you, why do you present your self to be provoked?

Some rape victims are blamed for having a hand in causing their fate. Why did you dress provocatively? This suggests that it is a bad thing to be provocative, and that provocative clothing should be avoided. When someone describes someone’s clothes as provocative, who and what is being provoked?

Typically it is men who are being provoked, and it is sexual aggression that is being provoked. This is putting the responsibility in exactly the wrong place. Good men take responsibility for their own actions and don’t blame their behavior on how someone else presents herself.


artist winnie Nwagi

The whole idea of provocative clothing is used as justification for rape and other sexual aggression. It says that the woman’s choices provoked the man’s aggression. Can’t the man protect his aggression from being provoked?  One rapist proudly answered in court “But she asked for it and I gave it to her. May be the problem here is that I gave her over dose”. Yes in life it is possible to get more than what you bargained for.

Sheebah entertaining the crowds during one of her shows

But let’s be realistic for only once. Why do ladies dress provocatively? We cannot wear masks here to hide our inner feelings.  Why should I continue writing on a clean piece of paper yet I have a dirty mind? Only Dogs go for bones but real Men go for curves. I know you understand what ma talking about.  We can’t possibly blame someone when he goes for what he has seen.  You have the good and I need them, so what do you expect? If I don’t want to sell then I will not display my goods at the stalls.

Let’s talk like adults; you have the empty gun and I have the bullets. We need some cooperation here because both of us may benefit. I give you the bullets you load your gun and we shoot the common enemy. That’s how things work. If you still doubt go and do research.



Isa Senkumba is a social critic

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