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2014 should be a year for REFLECTION


2014 should be a year for REFLECTION

When you look around at what is happening in Southern Sudan, Somalia, and to a smaller scale at ever increasing terrorist attacks in Kenya, you realise how GOD has been merciful to us.

And it is not until you put what is going on around us into proper perspective that you realise how easily and quickly any country can go up in flames at the slightest provocation. And this by the way is regardless of whether the country is developing or not.

All it takes is an intense feeling of unfairness in the ‘world’ they live or operate in. Fortunately for us, irrespective of our political and economic differences, we have avoided situations that lead to unwarranted violence and death of our own people.   

That said, it doesn’t mean there hasn’t been cause for our people to want to kill their leaders. In the year just ended, politicians literally abandoned the people they are supposed to represent. They decided to build a political bubble in which they live without a care at what goes on outside their bubble.

The times when people who entered politics were serious people who passionately believed they were entering politics in order to change things for the better are long gone. Now we have jokers, wannabes, pretenders, who join politics in search for a job and nothing more. And this is exacerbated by professional politicians who are in charge of things in our republics, and who are only interested in just numbers.   

And when you are wondering in your mind why representatives don’t live in their constituencies and among their people, you are rudely reminded of Gwilym Lloyd George’s description of politicians: ‘Politicians are like monkeys. The higher they climb the more revolting are the parts they expose’.

As we begin 2014, it is imperative that our political leaders, who have in the last year done shamelessly nothing to improve the quality of life of the people who employ them, take some time to REFLECT on the reason for their being.

Of recent, many countries like ours are intensively engaged in Life Apps, technology applications to help people who live in villages away from government. After realising that most people who live off land needed information that which can help them access markets for what they produce, some young scientists have decided to help them by designing applications which can be installed on mobile phones for the purpose.

In neighbouring Kenya for example, they have applications for almost every solution. Farmers can get information on how to look after their animals and plants. They are able to know where to sell their products and the best price of their goods.

Applications have been developed for patients to get help experts and health providers. Students have developed applications which can help them reach for their educational needs while the youth can, from their mobile phones of availability of jobs whenever and wherever they may be available.

Here at home we don’t hear much about LIFE APPLICATIONS. Are our leaders familiar or conversant with what we are talking about? If they are not, may they use this year to educate themselves on ventures that can help better the lives and understanding of they are paid to lead into literacy and prosperity.  

2013 was tough for many Ugandans. We ask the government to make our lives better, we do so cognisant of the fact that, that’s the role of government. Nevertheless, in the Likely event that the government fails us and abandons us again, Ugandans should forget all about government and take charge of their destiny with or without government.

Happy New Year.



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