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Opposition stop complaining, go campaign for your parties


Opposition stop complaining, go campaign for your parties

In the last few weeks there has been very little business at Parliament. Why? Because the NRM parliamentarians have been ‘awol’, the leaders from the Opposition as they are called as if opposition is a party, have been lamenting the paralysis of parliament business. Of course they are justified.


As if that is not confusing enough to the opposition, the NRM parliamentarians are now expected to go around the country on a meet-the-people tour to explain issues of a political nature, including especially sensitizing the people on the significance of the registration for the National Identity Card.  

Listening to the Leader of Opposition in parliament, Hon Wafula Oguttu, you cannot help but feel a sense of hopelessness and resignation. What is not clear is why Oguttu has not taken advantage of the absence of the ruling party to unleash his members to the countryside to market his party.

They could in fact have even conned the NRM into getting some free money under the guise of National ID sensitisation. They didn’t. Now, they are in all the media complaining how they have been made redundant. One member appeared on national television to complain how it is becoming expensive for them to come to parliament only to do nothing.

There was a time some members of the Opposition were talking of boycotting the 2016 elections. It now looks like they have changed their mind for fear of losing out on parliamentary goodies. Now, for them to fulfill that desire they must campaign furiously and they don’t have much time left.

That is why we think they should also be in the constituencies campaigning for their parties like the NRM will be doing in the next two weeks. Opposition need to style up if they have to stand half a chance. And they must stop the bad habit of always looking for scapegoats for their non-attractiveness.   

In fact, if the NRM wins the 2016 elections, it will not be because of performance but because of the hopelessness that surrounds opposition parties. Very rarely do you hear the Opposition talking of alternative policies or what plans they have to make the lives of Ugandans better off. They spend time talking more about the NRM than talking about their capability.



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