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It’s not politicians who have let you down, it’s your kind of politicians


It’s not politicians who have let you down, it’s your kind of politicians

President Museveni blamed his former primier and once his close ally Amama Mbabazi for the problems in his NRM party

President Museveni this week told Uganda national students association (UNSA) council members meeting at Teso College Aloet in Soroti, national interest and the interest and prosperity of Ugandans, must at all times come first.

To emphasise his point and how strongly he believes in the ability of leaders to understand the importance of being ‘ideologically clear’, he lectured the student leaders on how our post-independence leaders were so ideologically bankrupt to understand the fundamental significance of uniting all the people of Uganda to the extent that they went ahead to construct our political path using sectarianism.

And he explained how it was because of that bad politics which was threatening to destroy our country that a few young men went to the bushes of Luwero in 1980 in order to fight and remove the then ‘divisive and backward’ leaders of the time. And they did, after five years of fighting and thinking out a better way of developing our country and our people.

How do the present leaders compare with those many of our young people shed their blood to remove? The president doesn’t rate them highly and he told UNSA council precisely that. What is mind-boggling why does he keep recycling these same ‘useless’ mangers into positions of responsibility!

Why and how does our dear president keep deploying the same people he has tried, tested, and found wanting, but somehow he expects different results from those proven incompetents? And when he does choose to keep ‘his sleepers’ in charge of running Uganda, why then should he complain at times like these?

Mr President, many Ugandans may be very angry with you but they don’t hate you. If they do, it’s not necessarily because you are the worst on the market, it’s because of their aggregate hatred and disapproval of your goof-for-nothing so-called leaders.

Fortunately, you have a chance to change all this. And you have the time. Is this too much to ask from people that are as frustrated as you say you are? Just go ahead and do it and you will be surprised at the resurgence of attendees of your on-going campaigns. You can do it and if you don’t then when?    



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