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Where are the youth who want to take over the leadership of The Future?


Where are the youth who want to take over the leadership of The Future?

Young people like youth minister Anite have helped ‘aged’ leaders to stay

The Pearl of Africa is one of the few countries in the world where the ‘future leaders’ want to be leaders today while the aging leaders of today are doing everything humanly possible to be leaders of the future.

That the future management of Uganda lies squarely on the shoulders of today’s youth is not in contention because, have the eyes but they cannot see beyond their nose. And whenever they are reminded how they are the leaders of the future these days, they scream into your face how they want to be ‘leaders now’!

This is the hard truth. The leadership of today was planned by the youth of yesterday. And when the youth of yesterday were planning ‘their future’, they planned how to secure and maintain power. And they are still alive only that they realize their time is almost up.

But because they don’t see fierce youths with political vision today, they continuously get tempted to hang on to power and who can blame blind them for keeping watch as the majority are sleeping.  The problem is that by the time the sleeping ones rudely awakened, the visionary will be long gone that it will take the ‘sleepers’ many years of waiting in disgruntlement.  

But all is not lost. Our elders fortunately gave us universal education so that we can be able to read and write. And our history is written and available for all to read if they are able to read. If the youth can’t read and understand this history, they will forever blame themselves because ignorance is still no defence.

How it would be reassuring about the future of a country so gifted by nature if we started seeing the emergence of brave, intelligent, patriotic young men and women that would send shivers down the spines of the aging leaders ready to leave but prepared to hang on if the only young leaders available today have no vision for their own future and their own destiny.

Who hasn’t read or heard how Leadership is defined by conviction, vision, passion and inspiration.



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