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Do not delay LC 1 polls any further


Do not delay LC 1 polls any further

Minister of Finance and Planning Matia Kasaija

Minister of Finance and Planning Matia Kasaija

The basis and the practice for which the NRM Government is known and nationally recognized for, is the holding of the regular and timely polls. This underscores the essence of the democratic principles for which it came to power, more than thirty years ago.

There are six tiers of these polls; from the Local Council 1 level, in ascending order, to Local Council V, to Parliamentary and Presidential elections. It is in each of those levels that the legal and administrative organization is to be implemented; from the village, through sub-county, to district, up to the national level.

Or, to put it another way, the national programmes can only be put into operation when the instructions are progressively undertaken and regulated in that orderly manner. So when the Presidential and Parliamentary polls are held, they pave the way for the instruments of governance are put into operation for the sake of the good order of running the society.

It comes as a disappointment for many Ugandans that the government keeps postponing the elections of the village leaders, arguably one most important elections for many people as they are directly affected by the village leaders. The latest decision to postpone village elections for the nth time, came this week with no convincing reason.

LC1 polls are a very integral part of that systematic order, starting from the grassroots upwards to Parliament and the Executive.

Whereas, we have devotedly held the presidential and parliamentary elections since 1986, the same cannot be said of the local council polls. In particular, the LC 1 elections have not been held for the last 16 years. Thus holding the other tier elections appears to be illegitimate given that the basis for all the polls emanates from these LC 1 elections.

Indeed, it has had an effect on the holding of the National Women Council (NWC) elections since the posts of Secretary for Women at LC 1 is the same position held by the local NWC chairperson. If only from that standpoint, it is exceedingly logical that the NWC ardently requires the holding of the LC 1 elections, nationally.

Besides this, Parliament has already amended the necessary law for holding of the LC 1 polls. The Electoral Commission has equally announced the readiness to hold the said polls.

The Ministry of Finance is already known to have assured the Electoral Commission and the National Women’s Council that such funds will be made available to hold the LC 1 elections. Therefore, all the stops must be pulled to provide for this necessary national poll.



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