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Of Ugandans and nudity


Of Ugandans and nudity

When I heard that Martha Kay had been placed under house arrest, I was dismayed. What kind of country is this? Why do the authorities, at one point allow public nudity and pornography, and then at the other, punish the same people who brazenly practice it?

This Martha Kay girl happens to be just one of those women who have gone a notch extra to show us their nudity. I do not condone public nudity but at least the Martha Kays of this world show their nudity in photographs which we can chose to ignore, but what are our authorities doing about women who wantonly display their nudity to all and sundry in the glare of street lights.

Just recently while on a visit to Kampal passing around Nakasero area, close to the Electricity Regulatory Offices, I was treated to a woman who chose to show me her nudity by removing her dress and bra almost throwing her wares into my face. I had to start running because I realised that my life was in danger of being grabbed by this woman who I am sure would have raped me if I did not run for my dear life.

Can we safely assume that this is something acceptable to our authorities in as far as nudity is concerned or are they party to this ignoble disgusting display to innocent people and visitors as I assume these are areas where many visitors always pass!!!??? Has Police decided to ignore this or is it a less crime according to the laws of Uganda?

Just asking!!!!



Anthony Ayikoru



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