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Let’s focus on values in choosing leaders

Guest Writer

Let’s focus on values in choosing leaders

ANT top bras led by Flag Bearer Gen. Mugisha Muntu infront with red tie with Nabasirye on his immediate left in pink and Kiyingi in white overall

Human beings are characterized by ambition. This is so because everybody yearns for classic life.

Never so perhaps has this ambition ever been demonstrated than during the current electoral season. This time, we’re witnessing an unprecedented scramble for leadership positions among our people. Unfortunately many of those seeking power, are falling shot of people’s expectations.

From bottom to top, all positions of office are important. Leaders at all levels are servants of the people.

Therefore we need good chairpersons and councilors right from local council one to the district council. These must be carefully screened and selected to serve the very purpose for which they are elected.

Away from the local governments, we have the Members of Parliament. These are exceptionally important as they portray the true character of the nation.

As we go to polls in 2021, we ought to attach a lot of value to the type of leaders we put in Parliament. We must properly understand the type of credentials that a member of the National Assembly should have. Why? The most important laws, policies, and decisions of the country are made there. We need to realize and appreciate the fact that crucial matters affecting us are either perfected or messed up there.

A member of parliament should have credentials such as;
Patriotism, integrity, selflessness, versatility, dependability, and transparency and a good debator.

A good MP also needs to be development-oriented, accountable and a good lobbyist as well. They must believe in mutual co-existence and discard ethnic, tribalistic or sectarian tendencies.

They should also have good public speaking skills that allow them to make their case during debates with colleagues.

Overtime, we have witnessed legislators who spend five years in parliament without raising a single point in the house. Either they don’t know what to say or if they know, they are largely curtailed/ hampered by the language technicalities.

Incumbent MPs’ who are versatile and have properly mastered the dynamics of parliament and also have the above mentioned characteristics should not be removed from the house either out of emotion or excitement.

Change of the leaders at all levels – Local governments, Parliament and the Presidency should be very objective. Don’t elect tribe, religion or age.ElectElect substance.

Elect leaders who are effective and capable of fulfilling their constitutional mandate.

Importantly, a good MP should have the country at heart, a quality that allows him or her to make laws that do not discriminate against one region over the other or one section not people.
In serving the people, good leaders owe allegiance to the people primarily not to their political parties or to the interests of business lobbies.

By ensuring allegiance to the greater good, leaders must be in position to compel government institutions to account for the tax-payers funds, and task government to deliver services promptly.

The role of developing social infrastructure such as roads, schools, health centres, water sources, electricity etc .. lies basically with the central and local governments.

MPs are not charged with such responsibilities, except to push for conducive policies and lobby for service delivery.

Finally, any country would desire a President that guarantees national security, unity, development, fight against corruption, champion environmental conservation, prioritize fundamental human rights, among others.

Mr. Ssentongo Muzafalu is a member of the Green Party / Member of the National Consultative Forum for Political Parties – NCF
He’s also the secretary, NCF media committee,



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