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Women tipped on Job opportunities in Uganda’s aviation sector


Women tipped on Job opportunities in Uganda’s aviation sector

CAA Air Traffic Controllers Team

Ugandan women have been urged to take a career path in the aviation sector as engineers, pilots, and air traffic controllers, fields that have been shunned by the female gender.

According to Richard Kuheisi, the Director Air Navigation Services at Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) Uganda has just 10 qualified female Air Traffic Controllers, 8 of whom are civilians while the two are UPDF soldiers.

“The industry needs female pilots, mechanics, engineers and air traffic controllers. So there’s no shortage of impactful and rewarding career paths,” he said adding that: “We have seen that most young people shy away from the aviation profession especially ladies.”

“We hope that after this career talk, they are motivated to continue exploring all the industry has to offer.”

Kuheisi made the remarks during events to commemorate the October 19 international day for air traffic controllers, a day on which the world reflects on the work of men and women around the world who work to help make air travel the safest possible mode of transport

The day was held under the theme: “Together safe skies.”

As some of the activities to mark the day, Air Traffic Controllers painted the basket ball pitch of Old Kampala S.S. in addition, they had a football match between air controllers and the staff of Old Kampala S.S.

Kuheisi said that the aviation industry is rapidly growing and has a potential of absorbing many young people into a variety of jobs thanks to the introduction of modern equipment and systems.

He observed that the introduction of such modern equipment has further helped to improve security in the industry.

“If you clearly notice, air transport is the safest mode of transport and there are few cases of accidents that are registered unlike other means like road.”

Fred Bamwesigye, the Deputy Director General of UCAA added to Kuhaise’s view that women are a rare breed in Uganda’s aviation sector.

He urged women to start embracing aviation when they are still at their early learning stages and noted that the profession is not only for men.

“It’s not too late for you women to start embracing aviation; you have to start now so that everything will be a walk over when the time for you to join the industry comes.



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