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Develop innovative work strategies to beat COVID blues, experts advise


Develop innovative work strategies to beat COVID blues, experts advise

View of Mukwano Mall in down-town Kampala paints a bleak future of Uganda’s economy

Ugandans have been advised to be creative by developing alternative jobs or reach-out to customers such as through online platforms as a way to overcome the harsh economic hardships resulting from lock-down restrictions that have damaged business across the country.

This follows findings of a new research study by Success Africa and Ultimate Multimedia Consult showing that many Ugandan organisations and businesses have been bruised by the Coronavirus crisis.

As Uganda joined the rest of the world to mark International Labour Day today May 1, the biggest percentage of the country’s labour force is grappling with an uncertain future over whether they will be working or not.

Several organisations have already cut back on workers while others have announced pay cuts to keep workers on payrolls.

and businesses have been bruised by the Coronavirus crisis due to failure to have crisis work strategies that would have ensured their staff members are adequately prepared for remote work following the forced closure of many work places.

Ethan Musolini the Executive Officer at Success Africa says the majority of respondents in the April 2020 study expressed concern they could lose their jobs when the lock-down is lifted, or that they could be forced to take pay cuts as companies struggle to remain afloat.

Musolini says that the survey revealed that only 15% of businesses reported normal business operations, while 56.6% of business reported disruptions. Musolini attributed this to poor preparedness, especially among the retain businesses.

He noted however that not all businesses can practically adapt by taking sales online or manage to work remotely.

According to the report, the majority of the Managers (49%) were finding it difficult adjusting to working from home, 37% found it easy while 6% found it very difficult.



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