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Airtel posts hefty UGX 34.8bn statutory levy


Airtel posts hefty UGX 34.8bn statutory levy

UCC pledges to use it to boost communication Services delivery

UCC Executive Director, George William Nyombi Thembo (5th L), receiving a dummy cheque for the UGX 34.6 Billion from Airtel Uganda Managing Director, Manoj Murali (4th L) joined by other officials from Airtel Uganda and UCC

Telecommunications Regulator Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has promised to improve access to ICT services in the country through expanding the Telecom infrastructure and putting in place an enabling environment for all Ugandans to enjoy ICT services.

Receiving the mandatory 2% of the annual gross revenues from Airtel Uganda equivalent to UGX34.8 billion recently, Nyombi Thembo the Executive Director of UCC noted that with the funds remitted, the regulator will ensure more telecom towers are put in place, Computer laboratories are set up in government aided schools, digital literacy programs among other communication services are extended to the underserved and unserved communities.

Appreciating Airtel Uganda and other telecoms for fulfilling their statutory obligation of remitting 2% of their annual revenues, Nyombi stressed that with this fund the regulator has and continues to bridge the digital divide especially in the non-profitable areas of Uganda.

Nyombi called on Airtel Uganda and other players to strengthen relations with the industry regulator in order to ensure there is increased innovation and growth in the sector.

“We gather here today to acknowledge and uphold the contribution of Airtel Uganda to the telecommunications sector. Airtel has been an example and a force in communication development in Uganda. I extend my heartfelt appreciation to Airtel for the contribution of the Ugx.34.8 billion shillings representing 2% of its annual gross revenue to the Uganda Communications Commission,” said Thembo.

He said that the remission of the statutory levy by Airtel Uganda underscores the understanding of the critical role it plays in ensuring that the underserved population in our country gain access to vital communication services.

“This contribution will undoubtedly go a long way in bridging the digital divide and fostering inclusive growth involvement across Uganda,” he added.

Handing over the cheque worth 34.8 billion shillings to the Uganda Communications Universal Service and Access Fund for the year 2023, the Airtel Managing Director Manoj Murali reaffirmed the network’s commitment to providing reliable communication services in the country.

He said that the Telecommunications firm is committed to Uganda’s development demonstrated by its participation in the licensing regime and providing reliable communication services across Uganda through its 100% 4G network.

“We do this because our role as technology enablers is to unlock the potential of Uganda as we connect people and businesses to opportunities. We are proud to be exceedingly delivering on this mandate.”-Manoj said

Manoj further remarked, “The UCC plays a vital role in fostering a thriving telecommunications sector that empowers Ugandans in our increasingly connected world. We are grateful for your continued oversight and support in growing access, equity and long-term sustainability of the sector.”

The UGX34.8 billion contributed by Airtel Uganda will be utilized by the UCC to support the development and enhancement of rural communications infrastructure, especially in underserved areas.

According to James Beronda, the newly appointed Director Rural Communications Development Fund, such contributions from the different sector players has been using to building of telecommunications towers (68 towers ready to be launched and 150 more to be rolled out), establishing computer laboratories in government aided schools to facilitate ICT learning, Developing ICT content for schools, Empowering SMEs through Digital Literacy programs among other communication services.



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