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Girl threatens to post Ivan’s photos of his willy


Girl threatens to post Ivan’s photos of his willy

Tycoon Ivan Semwanga with wife Zari. But he could be embarrased if threats materialise

Being rich is one thing but being rich and tagged with a label of machoism is another.

Ivan, the enigmatic tycoon from South Africa is such a person, he dares only date the super gals, drives only the super cars and even when he grows a beard, he makes a party.

Where his money comes from only he can tell us, but now an angry girl has threatened to expose nude pictures of Ivan on the net. The problem is that the display is not for fun by she is angry that Ivan played her and even promised to take her to S. Africa.

Now the girl is so bitter that she claims she had sacrificed her sexual satisfaction just to make Ivan happy, this is because on her part there was no way she could be happy because she alleges Ivan’s willy is not up to the task.

Mbu she is hoping Ivan will come to his senses or she will post the images on line…..we are waiting!



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