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Luzinda in new love


Luzinda in new love

Settling or not? Desire Luzinda has a new beau

THIS BOUTILISIOUS musician has lost a lot of her curves, but if the weight loss was because of the alleged guys playing cat and mouse on her, then Rafiki can assure you dear reader that the curves will soon be back.

After being threatened by one of the radio maamas, Desire went AWOL, only to resurface with a new guy, who this time she claims to be the right one.

Word is that, this guy could be a Nkuba kyeyo because he has just suddenly appeared on the social scene during this X-mas time,mbu the guy is camera shy and seems to be on the wiser side of spending, mbu when they come into a club they come each other on their own only to unite inside, wamma Luzinda be very careful lest your heard is broken again!



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