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Time for Sheila Gashumba to run!!!!!


Time for Sheila Gashumba to run!!!!!

Rafiki is putting this up here because somehow he has failed to get hold of Sheila Gashumba’s number.

Apparently our snoop had to offer a shoulder to some petit girl who claims that Sheila has stolen her  man.

Mbu she thought that Sheila was a friend until the recent valentine when she realized that Sheilah had already snatched the man.

The girl was found shedding buckets of tears wailing that how could she do this while she can have almost any man she wants? why her man?

It looks like the girl has not yet confronted Sheilah but she told our snoop that she will do to Sheila what Shealh will live to remember. Now Rafiki can only tell Sheila one thing…….RUN………RUN, if this be true.!



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