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Was police officer Kirumira Muhammad right?


Was police officer Kirumira Muhammad right?

Suspended Police Officer Afande Muhammad Kirumira

Listening to the open minded and talkative Kirumira one can be excused to believe him, as he pins fellow officers that they are thieves.

Last Saturday Rafiki witnessed something very strange, a one broker called Ashraf had just sold a car and he proceeded to a certain pub called Agenda to watch Arsenal play.

As he was busy watching, some other people had other ideas, they opened his car and flew off with a bag they thought contained money but had nothing except log books of other cars.

When he realized that he had been robbed, he got confused but someone advised him to call ———- who Afande  Kirumira insists is a thief.

When he called this officer, the officer promised to get back to him in a few minutes and true to his word, he called him and demanded for 600k for him to get back his bag.

Mbu he told him to proceed to Najeera where they will call him and when he reached Najeera true to this officers word, after giving some guys 600k, his bag re-appeared with all the items intact! Does this officer know all the thieves in Kampala?



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