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Ministry of health

Chris back to his bad manners


Chris back to his bad manners

Suspected Gayman Chris Mubiru

Father Lokodo or should I say minister Father Lokodo, only that this time no one can excuse the boys for claiming they didn’t know.

Rafiki has learnt that the house of Chris is again a bee hive of activities with young boys sometimes coming in pairs and threesomes being dropped by boda bodas at his place.  

Others even come without money and he pays the boda boda’s them from the gate.

Now if Father Lokodo is serious abut ethics, this is homework for you…

Last time, mbu the courts let Chris walk scot free because there was no evidence even when his videos were exhibits. Now I don’t know how you are going to prove this ….is Rafiki’s word enough in a court of law?



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