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Is Sheila Gashumba dating a Nigerian?


Is Sheila Gashumba dating a Nigerian?

Sheila Gashumba

I would think that this babe is cleaver than someone else who was literally destroyed for life by another Nigerain, yes am talking about Desire.

Now Rafiki has learnt from a close source that Sheila Gashumba has been seen with one Oga on many occasions, Rafiki hopes that the Nigerian is just a friend but secondly, should this Oga want to date you, first seek advice from two people;

First one Mr Gashumba himself (he seems to be a wise man) secondly talk to Desire Luzinda.

And as an icing on the cake. Please, please in case you decide to do bad manners with this guy him do it under total darkness! This is Rafiki’s advice from the bottom of his heart!



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