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King Saha builds parents a house


King Saha builds parents a house

King Saha

In all religious books, it is said that honoring your mother will prolong your days on earth.

This seems to be what King Saha is banking on. Our snoop has learnt that King Saha, has not let his recently acquired fame make him forget his mother and as we speak now, he is on the verge of completing her house in a certain village in Mityana.

Our snoop says this was as a result of people always wondering how he has started getting money and the Kasisira of his mother was about to fall on her head.

As any good boy would do, he started on his mother’s house

Mbu he has promised his former villagemates that he will soon bring Kampala to Mityana, when he comes for house warming.

We hope that all musicians and other men emulate this Godly act. Long live King Saha!



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