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Bebe pisses fans even more


Bebe pisses fans even more

Bebe Cool and Chamileone

Bebe Cool and Chamileone

When the wise say that its better to be quite than say something and regret it, they were indeed very wise.

Here at home the Baganda have a saying that ‘Asirise teyejusa’  literally translated to mean that one who keeps quite never regrets…….

Now, after still being very angry with some musicians who pissed some fans off by singing in ‘ Museveni’s Tubonga Nawe’ during the campaigns, now Bebe has gone over the board and rubbed salt into the fans wounds.

He has told the fans that they (the fans) are not doing them (Musicians) any favours by listening to their Music. Mbu if they want (the fans) they can continue to listen to the music or stop.

Mbu all what the Tubonge artistes have to do is to produce good music and it will be forced into the ears and hearts of the fans….

Wamma my Chamili….dont say anything just wait for the tide to go down and go back to what you do best.

Ugandans are known to be very quick forgeters so just lie low.



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