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Golden Papa loses money in Calendar show


Golden Papa loses money in Calendar show

Musician Messach Ssemakula

Musician Messach Ssemakula

It seems that the bivulu goers have not forgiven Golden Band for their participation in the Tubonge song

Last weekend, Messach Ssemakula the Golden Band Papa, as he is now commonly known,  invested Ugshs 22 million in a show at Calendar Rest House in Makindye .

The smart, man, had disguised his show as if it was a show for some Kadongo Kamu singers, but as the show progressed it was imminent that revelers were aware that this was a Messach show

And as the show came to an end,  Papa could only salvage Ugshs 16 million from the war spoils, this in short means that he made a total loss of a cool Ugshs 6 million.

Sorry Papa, but as long as your members participated in the Tubonge team,  we, here at the Grapevine,  are sure that you have not yet been forgiven.

So we advise you to just give this thing some time until Ugandans forget as they are always known to do.



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