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Ambassador Ssali rescued from the abyss of poverty


Ambassador Ssali rescued from the abyss of poverty

Musician Ambassador ssali

Musician Ambassador ssali

I am sure that Ambassador Ssali is now laughing at lady Mariam who dropped him like a hot potato and ran away with a loaded Dinka man.

This, Rafiki is saying after landing on information that Ambassador Ssali is no longer the broke guy you knew.

That some time ago, a loaded kyeyo mama saw this baby faced musician and decided that she must have him.

As you all know, where there is money, there are very few things which are impossible

Therefore, as we speak now Ssali leaves in a five bedroom house in Entebbe, and mbu he has a monthly upkeep of 1000 pounds courtesy of this mama.

Word is that after Ramadhan Ssali will leave this pathetic Uganda for Britain, perhaps never to be seen again. The name of the kyeyo mama? No Ssali will know it’s me!

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