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Eddy Kenzo shows his Islamic side with Sadaq


Eddy Kenzo shows his Islamic side with Sadaq

Eirisa Kenzo Musuuza

Idris Kenzo Musuuza

While at Hidaya mosque in Kibuye, > our snoop and other Muslims were asked by the Imam to emulate Idris Musuuza aka Eddy Kenzo so that they may reap benefits.

Apparenty, symptoms mbu, during the last days of Ramadhan, Eddy Kenzo bought items worth 3.5m and gave them out to fellow Muslims who were fasting to break their fast.

In Islam, it is believed that, the giver of this kind of Sadaq, gets 100 % rewards equivalent of any of the  faithfuls who partakes of this bounty.

Now imagine how much rewards Kenzo got after feeding over 1000 fasting Muslims.

Anyway, the Imam asked all of us who were present to be generous and never to judge a book by the cover.

Wamma Kenzo, when Rafiki sees you in multiple rewards after this generosity, he will have no reason to look further other than above.



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