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Kenzo will burn himself out


Kenzo will burn himself out

Eddy Kenzo will burn himself

Eddy Kenzo will burn himself

If the Gudlyfe duo were in America or Europe, they would be one of the wealthiest groups in the world; this is solely because when they started, they were so hot such that they kept churning out hit after hit, all within just a short span.

But despite this helping them become one of the best groups in Uganda, it burned their energy, and in the process they lost lots of money because they could launch all their songs in one day.

Sadly, that is exactly what is going to happen, to Eddy Kenzo.

Rafiki was with one of the best music producers, in Uganda (names withheld) and he said that Eddy Kenzo is doing a disservice to himself because he does not give his songs breathing space to mature and become real hits.

This was after Kenzo told the nation, that he was releasing yet another video which he has named ‘Disco Disco’.

This means that after only two weeks of releasing one video, he is now releasing another one.

And according to this music producer, this is suicidal, “my prophesy is that our Bet guy will surely burn out.”

Kenzo, Kozzi which video have you just released?



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