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Lutaaya sacks 4 of his singers


Lutaaya sacks 4 of his singers

all is not well at his camp

Things are now free sailing at the Nu Eagles camp: Word is that recently there was a revolt within the group and that the bosses, that is Lutaaya and Irene had to show their fangs, least the whole group went berserk.

A meeting was prepared to resolve some issues and the aftermath of the meeting which was between the musicians and the bosses, saw the suspension of 4 of the new musicians.

The problem is that the rest of the musicians have vowed to also leave the group if the four musicians suspended are not brought back. Who are the four musicians? And who will back down…the bosses or the musicians??

One insider has told Rafiki that the musicians revolt is fueled by a rival band.

As we went to press the four suspended musicians had not yet received their discharge letters so, Rafiki will keep their names secret until they get their formal letters



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