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Lutalo survives muzigo


Lutalo survives muzigo

David Lutalo graduates from Muzigo

David Lutalo graduates from Muzigo

Now Lutalo earns 5m every Saturday, the baganda hve a saying that kamu kamu gwemuganda and David Lutalo has made this saying have some relevance.

Rafiki has learnt that David Lutalo is taking advantage of the sleeping giants who were affected by the Tubonge act to prop himself up

As we speak now, Lutalo,s band Hares has its own equipment which translates into an income of over Ushs5m every weekend.

Lutalo himself has risen to a Ushs3m per day singer around Kampala.

Rafiki has learnt that last weekend, Lutalo turned down a whooping Ushs5m deal to sing in Kumi.

All this is after he bought himself a Ushs90m bungalow in Kizungu zone in Makindye. Grapevine can only say to him ‘congs man’.



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