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NRM to buy all Bebe’s concert seats


NRM to buy all Bebe’s concert seats

Bebe Cool has fallen into things

Bebe Cool falls into things

When Rafiki heard that Bebe Cool had snubbed small advertisers to the extent of giving them conditions Rafiki definitely smelt a rat; Especially during this period of time when the Tubonge artistes have not made any kind of money.

Kumbe, what Rafiki had forgotten, was that Big is Big, and therefore always has the last card under his sleeve.

Now, Rafiki is privy to info that Munene Munene has been  to NRM, and lamented about his suffering which emanated directly from his association with this party.

Now, mbu, Lumumba and company have cooled Bebe’s heart with the news that all the seats will be bought by NRM, as a sign of solidarity, now that is almost Ugshs 400 million stashed away at the bank… for the Munene and perhaps another Ugshs 100m from sponsors.

Indeed ‘Big is Big’; Serena hotel; Date 5th August! Chief Guest: May be His……………..



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