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Ugandan Musicians above the law revealed


Ugandan Musicians above the law revealed

Ragadee and Bebe Cool” width=”800″ height=”403″ /> Bobi Wine, Ragadee and Bebe Cool

From big crimes to petty ones of wearing army fatigue, punishing their perceived enemies, taking the law into their own hands, fighting between themselves, taking drugs in public and so on and so forth.

Our snoop was in a closed meeting with some vigilantes recently where there was a plan to apprehend someone connected to one of the untouchable Musicians and a debate ensued with some advising the vigilantes that it will be a waste of time to apprehend the culprit while others said they could go ahead and execute their plan.

However, at the end of the debate, the vigilante group decided that it was useless to apprehend the guy because even if they did, the Munene will go and get him released.

Its against this background that Rafiki sought to unravel for you the short list of Ugandan musicians who are believed to be untouchables as the public believes;

Bebe Cool – His association with the government makes him untouchable; no one can dare take him anywhere, not even his actions of stepping on the table of Buganda’s (Nabagereka) reduced his fame.

When a police officer shot him in the leg, the government gave him $200,000 to go to the USA for treatment where he had a fun-filled holiday with his family.

Now in return for all these favors he is ready to give his life for NRM!

Bobi Wine – This Ghetto president is a true president at his quarters, he will not deny smoking ganja, even in a jam, and his amnesty for the weed extends even to his crew members, when one is nabbed, he majestically matches into a police station and tells the afandes, its not their mistake that they are smoking, mbu the government should do something for them, his fights are undocumented just like Chameleon’s and Bebe Cool.

Raga Dee – His long term respect for himself has earned him a reputation as an untouchable guy; wherever you argue with him on a broker deal, there is just not any place you can report him to, and now that he has the element of being an NRM he has the president’s ear to pull, so you can surely not take him anywhere!

Musicians Jose Chameleone, Juliana Kanyomozi and Catherine Kusasira

Musicians Jose Chameleone, Juliana Kanyomozi and Catherine Kusasira

Chameleone – He has done everything that is not allowed by our constitution, at one time he was even having a murder case that never saw him even sleep once in a police cell. He is alleged to be highly connected to high offices and that if you are connected to him he just makes a call and you are free.

Juliana Kanyomozi & Catherine Kusasira – This silky-voiced princess Juliana does not only have a good face and nice voice, but is also rumored to be close to a certain young general. That the general even ordered her to get out of the public eye (Wamma do you still see her in happening places?)

Following closely behind Juliana is Catherine Kusasira, there is something about Kusasira many people just don’t know to the extent of trying to imagine things about her but the truth is that Catherine is very close to Maama Janet,  that musician who need to meet the first family must go through her. And as they say ‘All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. So now you know!




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