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What Koffi Olomidde did Kitooke did x3


What Koffi Olomidde did Kitooke did x3

Musician Harunah Mubiru who assaulted his group members

Musician Harunah Mubiru who assaulted his group members

As usual in Uganda things don’t go as they are supposed to go. Rafiki was shocked after the Kenyan public forced the government to deport celebrated Congolese maestro Koffi Olomide, just because he beat up one of his dancers.

The uproar was so unusual that Rafiki thought that the Kenyans are either sick or we Ugandans are really very sick. Rafiki says this because he witnessed Hajji Haruna aka Kitooke beat up not one but three of his group members in Masaka.

Apparently, the story was that Ambassador Ssali had defected from the group, and as usual it caused a war of words, and three female members went to see Ssali in a lodge.

When Hajji heard about this defiance, he drove all the way to Masaka and found the three ladies namely, Billy (wife of Mulwana) Namanda, who is Kitooke’s sister and Julie who is known to be Kitooke’s friend, at the lodge.

The way he attacked them and beat them up without any preamble shocked rafiki yet none of them, and even the media plus those who werer around raised even a voice, Making my opening statement true, either we are very sick or Kenyans are the ones who are very sick!

By the way did you know that Koffi has apologized to Kenyans and promised to give them a free concert at a venue to be chosen by the majority?




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