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Did sex or money force Irene out of Swangs


Did sex or money force Irene out of Swangs

Musician Irene Ntale

Musician Irene Ntale

That Irene Ntale had some issues with her bosses at Swangs is not news any more and that she has quit is equally no news.

However, Rafiki has learnt from an inside source that Irene quit because of money issues and a sex relationship inside the group.

Apparently, Irene though a free spirit,  was having an affair with one f the members and this member had become so jealousy of her ways that even when Irene was out with friends whether girls or boys he would fume and tell the bosses to control Irene.

Mbu there was even a time this guy accused her of being a Lesbo which really angered her.

But the final straw that broke the camel’s back came after her show, where she was told that she was to only take a small fraction of the proceeds because the rest had to go to the group (Call it development fee). This infuriated her so much so that she swore never to sing under this label.

Will they manage to convince her to cool down or we are looking at another solo career?

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