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Is Chameleone dead!


Is Chameleone dead!

Dr. Chamilli

Dr. Chamilli

Okay, nay! We are talking about his musical career.

Rafiki has been observing all the posters which have come out heralding the coming of Eid Adhuha and he was so sad to notice that the good Dr. Chamili does not feature any where.

Apparently, Chameleone has been booed and embarrassed from stage twice in 10 days. The first time it was when he got on stage by force on the club Mega Fest stage at Sheraton hotel gardens we dismissed that as a one off.

But again last week, the same guy was booed off a stage in Makindye, where he was one of the performing artists on the opening of the newest bar VOX lounge.

Rafiki could not believe it when Chameleone got on stage and people started shouting “Twakowa, twakowa, and he had to sing only two songs, then the sound system died something someone claimed was done deliberately because Chamili was on the stage.

So, when Maureen Nantume came on the stage, people ululated and even gave her lots of money, while Chameleone left the stage with not even a coin.

If that is not being dead, then Rafiki doesn’t know the definition of dead!




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